VIAOnline™ is a powerful, intuitive online order entry and inventory management system available exclusively to VIA Marketing & Sales Support clients.

VIAOnline™ provides real-time inventory management, order processing and reporting to authorized client administrative staff, field staff, and sales representatives who have the opportunity to place and track orders from any web-enabled device. This robust system has drawn praise for the information that it offers along with its ease of use.

VIAOnline™ provides...

USERS a user friendly ordering process MANAGERS direct control over inventory
Real-time product availability Access and control levels by user
Intuitive, shopping cart-based user web interface Product and budget allocations by order or time period
Anywhere/anytime ordering and tracking Ability to hide items from general users
Clear product images and descriptions Low stock notifications
Pre-populated checkout information Product usage reporting
Email confirmations and shipping notices Chargeback data collection

VIAOnline™ Snapshot

VIAOnline™ delivers 24/7 real-time inventory availability.

VIAOnline™ Snapshot

Complete product and order information is a simple query away.

VIAOnline™ Snapshot

Fast, intuitive order entry frees up sales staff’s time and reduces errors.