VIA's philosophy has always been to build long term relationships with our clients.

This focus on client satisfaction has enabled VIA to sustain those relationships and create mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. We recognize that this is accomplished through our people and our systems.

VIA's People

VIA Marketing & Sales Support is organized around the Client Advocate principle. In addition to the daily responsibilities of managing the account, Client Advocates serve as the eyes and ears of the client within VIA, monitoring turnaround times, status, and quality and then reporting to ownership and the client.

Throughout its history, VIA has focused on exceeding client expectations. In every position, at every level, VIA's employees truly understand the value of client satisfaction and the importance of getting it right the first time, every time. This focus is reinforced throughout the company. Through training and recognition, a highly committed, experienced staff is prepared to anticipate and respond to the challenges that our clients face.

VIA's Systems

Clients have consistently gained an information edge from VIAOnline™, VIA's premiere proprietary online ordering and inventory system. VIA's information technology expertise gives clients the benefit of system customization, accommodation to their specific and sometimes unique business processes, and specific reporting and information that can positively affect both operations and the bottom line. This ability to quickly and efficiently meet information management requirements has been a hallmark element of VIA's consistent ability to effectively respond to clients' needs.

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VIA's Facilities

VIA operates out of 50,000 square feet of space in Somerset, New Jersey. VIA operates its primary fulfillment center where the company's operations center has been housed since 2005. VIA has additional storage located less than 1/8 of a mile from its headquarters. This facility can be expanded to greater capacity within a 24 hour time frame. Additionally, VIA maintains data centers in its Somerset headquarters and in Watchung, NJ.

Features of our warehouse include:

  • 6 dock-high portals for trailers and trucks
  • 2 drive-up ramps with electric roll-up doors for UPS and couriers in inclement weather
  • Rack system locations can house standard, 4-way pallets to a height of 48" clear. Each location supports a maximum 2,000 pound material load.
  • The building has an overhead sprinkler system with rack end-line connections to fire hoses, with pressure density for paper commodities.