Communicate with Clients and Prospects

VIA helps clients communicate with their customers and prospects through a variety of mailing, email and fulfillment programs.

VIA Marketing & Sales Support helps you get your message out in a timely and cost-effective manner.

VIA understand the importance of your leads and will develop a personalized response system based on your specific criteria. We can receive leads VIA your website, your sales reps's Blackberry uploads, phone, BRC or email. You may want personalized letters signed by your sales reps and the appropriate sales materials sent out, or you may prefer an email response with a link to further information.

VIA manages a variety of literature response programs, from a potential investor requesting an annual report, to a potential customer requesting sales materials.

VIA also manages a variety of premium give away programs. These can be stand alone giveaways or can be tied to something else, such as the purchase of certain merchandise or the completion of a survey.

For any type of literature or premium response program, data can be collected VIA file download, custom web front end design, email, IVR phone system, or mail. These interfaces are designed to your specs, and your clients and prospects never know they are dealing with someone other than your company.

Your direct mail programs benefit from VIA's postal expertise and USPS-approved postal software allows your mail pieces to qualify for the best possible postal rates.

VIA's email broadcast services work with the major email providers to ensure that your email brodcasts are not only sent, but delivered.