Control Budgets and Materials

VIA works with clients to ensure that their budgets are met and their materials are managed and used properly.

VIAOnline provides clients with the ability to control the use and distribution of their marketing materials. A number of order quantity controls are implemented to ensure that your product is used as you determine. Quarterly and annual quantity restrictions are available to ensure that the materials are evenly distributed. Budget controls are also available, giving each rep a dollar figure to "spend" each period.

VIAOnline provides sales and marketing management with a variety of usage reports which allow review of what materials are being used. It also provides low balance notifications so that reprinting can be initiated as far in advance as possible to avoid rush printing and delivery charges.

VIA's warehouse is clean, well lit and organized with a variety of storage configurations so that your storage costs are as low as possible. A continual inventory consolidation program ensures that you are not paying for unnecessary storage space.