Why VIA Marketing & Sales Support

VIA Marketing & Sales Support was founded in 1992 as a fulfillment and direct mail company with state-of-the-art database management expertise as its primary differentiator. The goal from the start was to create a marketing fulfillment company with a strong emphasis on providing marketing professionals with the information they needed in a concise and timely manner.

VIA’s philosophy has always been to build long term relationships with our clients. This focus on client satisfaction has enabled VIA to sustain those relationships and create mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. We recognize that this is accomplished through our people and our systems.     LEARN MORE ABOUT VIA!

And only VIA offers its clients VIAOnline™: a powerful, intuitive online order entry and inventory management system. Its streamlined request processing and reporting offer an unparalleled resource for both representatives and management!    LEARN MORE ABOUT VIAOnline™