Get the best ROI from your direct mail programs with VIA’s professional mail services, complete from consultation to delivery.

VIA Marketing & Sales Support provides clients with the expertise and services needed to ensure your mailings go out right and on time every time. From a postcard mailing to a complex, hand-inserted package, your mailing will get the attention and resources needed to meet your deadline, your budget and VIA's highest quality standards.

VIA's in-house postal expertise can save you money by reviewing mail piece design prior to creation. Knowing postal requirements for size, folding and addressing can help to ensure that your piece will be able to be processed at the best possible rates.

VIA's Mailing Services include:

Laser Printing Presorting Kit Building
High Speed Color Digital Printing Folding Collation
High Speed Color Digital Copying Water Sealing Automated Insertion
Personalized Letters Stamp Affixing Hand Insertion
Inkjet Addressing Match Mail Hand Addressing
Labeling Metering Hand Assembly

Spotlight On Effective Mailing

A national telecommunications company launched a new product line. The project manager wanted to ensure that marketing and enrollment materials got into the consumers’ hands quickly, while at the same time ensuring that the data was collected and managed for future use.

An initial large mailing was sent to prospective consumers, which invited the consumer to go to a website and request a free promotional item and marketing materials. These requests are filled next day.

The telecommunications company’s sales representatives also meet prospective consumers through trades shows, individual appointments, or educational events. Each evening the salesreps upload their daily activity via their Blackberry. The following day, a thank you letter signed by the sales rep and accompanied by the appropriate marketing material is mailed out to the prospect. Weekly sales activity is compiled and reported to sales management.

The result of these efforts is a quickly growing database of interested consumers, who receive the appropriate promotional items, marketing and enrollment materials within days of initial contact.