Manage Sales and Marketing Programs

VIA utilizes a variety of data, mailing and fulfillment services to manage sales and marketing programs for clients.

VIA Marketing & Sales Support manages a variety of literature response programs, from an investor requesting an annual report to a potential customer requesting sales materials.

VIA also manages a variety of premium give away programs. These can be stand-alone giveaways or can be tied to something else, such as the purchase of certain merchandise or the completion of a survey.

For any type of literature or premium response program, data can be collected VIA file download, custom web front end design, email, IVR phone system, or mail. These interfaces are designed to your specs, and your clients and prospects never know they are dealing with someone other than your company.

VIA provides services for member programs. We create custom welcome kits, personalized materials and embossed magnetic encoded member cards, all of which are collated and sent to your members. VIA also manages ongoing rewards fulfillment and member communications.

VIA provides outbound call services and internet lookup services for list updating and confirmation, or for event registration.